Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Instagram | Android | Awesomeness

Some things come around and completely change the way you see things . Google gave you the power to search webpages on your finger tips . Facebook made it easier to meet your friends and family any time you want . Instagram serves you a similar feeling . It lets you capture the world with your lens and makes it beautiful . Well there are plenty of apps that can do just the same . So what does Instagram do better ?
For starters Instagram is one of the most simplest apps i have ever used on my Android device . It works seamlessly and is smooth to operate . What i like the most is it does not behave like an iphone clone . Not that i hate iPhone but usually some apps look like they where created for iPhone and then ripped off to make  an Android version . This app makes use of the android icons and feels great to operate .
What strikes me is the simplicity with which this app works . Publishing a photo is only 4 clicks away . And to do justice to this review i did download a dozen photo sharing and editing apps . Most of them work pretty well and do everything they claim to . But none of them combine the flow and simplicity of Instagram .
Instagram brings the photographer out of everyone . Initially I was hesitant in using this app , but when  i saw what it did to my photograph , i was amazed .  This app takes social networking seriously and not only does it have its own huge network , but there is also an option to share to various social networking sites .
Instagram’s network might come out to be a little flat , because it uses a completely different method to discover new people and their photography . There is a button for  popular photos , where  most popular photos are displayed , and then you could search for hashtags as well as photos favorited by the people you follow .
What i really appreciate is the support team . It took them only a day to fix most of the crucial bugs that cropped up initially . Since the release there have been a lot of updates . The recent one with the tilt-shift feature . This feature is one of the best in its class . Some other apps like Cymera do have this feature but do not do justice to the blurring .
My only fear is Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram . And to add to this fear is the recent release of the Facebook Camera App . I only hope facebook does not kill Instagram , like the way it killed Snaptu and other services it bought .

[Original Post By Anish Hegde @ www.bigbangtechie.wordpress.com]



Akshay moza said...

nyc one capt.heggie

$ubhajit $engupta said...

But not compatible with my Samsung Galaxy Y.

$ubhajit $engupta said...

website: http://instagr.am/

Anish Hegde said...

now its instagram.com
and it is compatible with galaxy y

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