Sunday, 25 March 2012

ALL NEW ANGRY BIRDS GAME FROM ROVIO -- blasts off into space

With more than 700 million downloads to its name , Angry birds is as much as pop fever as Justin Beiber and Kolaveri back in India. But such popularity poses a problem:how to create a sequel that still feels afresh and is appealing to masses.For the developer ,Rovio mobile the answer is Gravity.Angry Birds Space,as the name clarifies ,takes place in space.You launch assorted birds at sleeping pigs with or without the aid of gravity. Sometimes you use the gravitational pull of small planets to help slingshot birds towards their destination
                The game includes 60 levels split into two zones: Pig Bang and Cold Cuts. A further 30 levels are available in something called the Danger Zone, unlocked with an additional 69p in-app purchase (IAP). Rovio says more zones and levels will follow in the coming months.
What's New?

Space is an attempt to bring a fresh experience to Angry Birds series ,an attempt that largely succeeds. Angry Birds Space takes the fundamental physics-based flinging of the original and turns it on its head--sometimes literally--by playing with the gravity simulation that powers it. By utilizing the gravity , trajectory of the birds is made unique. This means that in the open space, the birds tend to gradually float upwards after being launched from slingshot. But if they enter the gravitational field around an object, they are drawn towards the surface of that object. This forces gamers to carefully plan the trajectory instead of just flinging the birds at pigs and their castles.  Unlike other Angry Birds levels, Space has markers to tell gamers about the initial trajectory of the bird.

Likewise,there are different types of birds for you to use. There's the standard red bird, which acts like a simple missile. The other feathered projectiles include blue birds, which act like cluster bombs; black birds, which explode with a tap; and green birds, whose hefty size makes them ideal for smashing through larger structures. New to Space are purple birds, which can be targeted like a homing missile with a tap, and ice birds, which let you freeze parts of a structure, making it easier to destroy. New birds are introduced gradually as you progress, making the game more interesting and making the gamers to tickle their grey matter.Moreover, Angry  Birds Space has boss fights which allows you to throw a larger flock of birds at the pigs in  a moving mech suit.There are also special eggs hidden that take you to the weird black hole levels(bonus levels).The final new addition is a special space eagle power-up, which is awarded to you periodically. These let you call the space eagle, which proceeds to gobble up whole planetoids, letting you skip past difficult levels.Although, you're not awarded a star rating when you use the space eagle.
The Good:
After playing so many Angry Birds levels, it is difficult to excite about the game. But Space packs in enough in it in terms of new gameplay to make casual gamers fall in love with birds and pigs again. Whether you are an Angry Birds veteran or playing it for the first time, the new levels will surely keep you glued to your smartphone or tablet for a few days.New birds and space eagle feature are an excellent addition.
The Bad:
Angry Birds Space feels a bit short: 60 free levels at launch, versus 260 in Angry Birds Seasons and 180 in Angry Birds Rio.Hardcore levels require an extra purchase. An extra set of hardcore levels can be purchased from within the game for 69p(99 cents).
Angry Birds Space is available on iOS ( iPhone,iPad and iTouch), Android  phones, Windows computers and Mac computers.

On Android: Free (supported by ads), Rs 50 (regular version), Rs 151 (HD version)

On iOS: $0.99 (regular version), $2.99 (HD version)

On Mac: $4.99

On Windows PC: 

My take:

Well, personally i enjoy playing Angry birds.Keeping in mind the rising popularity of Angry Birds,this new masterpiece from Rovio defines modern mobile gaming.Developer Rovio has pulled off incredible task of making the game exciting,new and addictive.It’s a better game than other Angry Birds, and I can’t wait to play more of it .



$ubhajit $engupta said...

I have downloaded and played the android version of the game. This is completely different from the previous versions of angry birds. It's fun playing angry birds in zero gravity situations. Good job by Rovio.

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