Friday, 30 March 2012

Nokia files patents for Electronic tattoos

I often set my cell phone to vibrate,but my arm?  Well,that's a new one.

Nokia has filed a U.S. patent application for a  magnetic, vibrating tattoo that wirelessly connects to a mobile device and alert users to phone calls, texts and battery status.Nokia wants to make it physically impossible to ignore an incoming call by patenting an electronic tattoo that would vibrate, on your body, whenever someone calls.

How does this work??

Nokia’s patent application describes a system that could work in two ways. Under one concept, a detachable electronic material would be applied to a person's skin, much like a temporary tattoo.
The removable piece of electronic equipment could then be paired with a person's smartphone,
as it would be capable of vibrating when it detects its magnetic field.The second concept would use a ferromagnetic ink to permanently imprint this material into your skin. You could get whatever image you’d want, just like a regular tattoo, and after it’s applied it would be magnetised so it, too, could recognise
a magnetic field from your phone.

My take:
I think this is an interesting concept from this Finnish company.It would be easier to monitor
the phone in situations where phones are frowned upon:movie hall,gym and work.The only
worrying factor is the health hazards due to the tattoo imprint on the skin.Otherwise,its another
innovation by Nokia to help you stay connected.



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